Wrongful Repossession Lawyer

Wrongful Repossession Lawyer in San Diego

A creditor will attempt to repossess a property, such as a car, that is being used as collateral for a loan.  A wrongful repossession occurs is when the creditor either does not follow the proper procedures to repossess the property or if the creditor has no right to repossess the property in the first case.


What Can I Do If I Feel My Property Was Wrongfully Repossessed?

Call The Debt Settlement Lawyer at for a free consultation.  Daniel will review your situation and let you know if your property has been wrongfully repossessed and make a plan to retrieve that property. 

Am I Due Statutory Damages For Wrongful Repossession?

In some cases, consumers who fall victim of wrongful repossession are due statutory damages.  Some examples of these circumstances are:

  • If you suffered a job loss as a result of wrongful repossession
  • Damage to the property that was wrongfully repossessed
  • Consequential damages such as damaged credit repair

Wrongful Repossession Success Story

Our client got sued by her credit union for approximately $18,000.00 for a deficiency balance due after the credit union repossessed and sold her car. After suit was filed, our client received a letter from another law firm threatening to sue her for the same debt. We immediately recognized this as potential violations of both the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the California Rosenthal Act. Both law firms and the credit union were sued for collection violations. We continued to defend the original suit filed against our client. As a result of the federal lawsuit she filed, the credit union and their several attorneys agreed to settle on the auto deficiency for $4,000.00. This is a little over 20% of what the credit union sought in its lawsuit.

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