If you have been sued by National Collegiate Trust (NCT) and do not respond to the lawsuit, then there is a good chance a default judgment will be filed against you.  Meaning you lose before you even have a chance to fight.  A default judgement can result in wage garnishment, bank levies and a lien being placed on your property.  Even if a judgement has already been handed down in your case, there are opportunities to negotiate with the attorneys suing you. Don’t give up!  I will take you through how to win a National Collegiate Trust Lawsuit.

For instance, our client owed National Collegiate Trust $35,413.69 on her private student loan.  National Collegiate Trust hired the law firm of Bleier & Cox to sue her for breach of contract.  Within a few weeks, we were able to negotiate a debt settlement that cut her debt in HALF down to $17,959. Not only that, but they agreed to let her pay it back over 84 moths, which amounted to $213.78 per month, interest free.  That’s $17.454.69 in savings PLUS she didn’t have to go to court!


Win a National Collegiate Trust Lawsuit

If you have been served with a National Collegiate Loan Trust lawsuit, then do not give up hope.  There are things you can do if you have been sued by National Collegiate Trust.   First of all, most people getting sued by them first ask – who is National Collegiate Trust?  Their full name is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.  They are a huge entity that buys private student loans from lenders such as Wells Fargo, Charter One Banks, Chase, Bank One, Discover, Bank of America, Union Federal Savings and others.  Although the ownership of your student loan debt has changed, you still owe the debt under the same terms.  If you haven’t made a payment on your student loan in over 180 days, then your account is considered in default and you will most likely be sued.  National Collegiate Trust uses a number of law firms to sue consumers in default, such as Patenaude & Felix and Bleier & Cox.

how to win a national collegiate trust lawsuit
You can win a lawsuit with National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. Start by scheduling a free consultation, 858-217-5051


If you have been served with a lawsuit from National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, we recommend you do the following:

  • HIRE A PRIVATE STUDENT LOAN ATTORNEY – Make sure that you hire an experienced student loan attorney who has a proven and successful track record. Many people out there are trying to figure out new ways to make money off the student loan crisis.  Do your due diligence when researching your representation if served with a NCT lawsuit.
  • VALIDATE THE DEBT – Oftentimes, the entire lawsuit can be dismissed if the information in the lawsuit is incorrect, such as missing or wrong case numbers, misspelled or wrong names in the lawsuit, the amounts of the debt, dates and other information. An experienced attorney can help you validate the lawsuit documents.
  • NEGOTIATE PRIVATE STUDENT LOAN SETTLEMENT – Negotiating a National Collegiate Trust settlement with the law firm suing you is usually the best recourse if you are in default. A debt settlement is basically a negotiation that the borrower (you) will pay back usually a greatly reduced amount of the total debt you owe in a lump sum or over an extended period of time.  The opposing counsel often accepts these settlements, because they would rather receive some funds from you than spend thousands of dollars fighting you in court.
  • FIGHT DEFAULT JUDGEMENTS – If a default judgment has already been filed against you, you still have recourse. In fact, post judgement does not mean that you are cooked!  We have had much success helping our clients get back garnished wages and money from bank levies after a default judgement has been filed against our clients.


National Collegiate Trust Lawsuit Defense

The bottom line is that there are options to win a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust lawsuit.   The attorneys working on behalf of National Collegiate Trust have suing consumers in default down to a science.  You need solid legal representation to win a student loan collection lawsuit.   When seeking the help of a debt lawsuit attorney, be sure to find someone who will sit down and discuss your case before making you pay them a fee.  Never pay anyone up front for advice.

If National Collegiate is suing you, then give us a call at 858-217-5051 or email me at daniel@gamezlawfirm.com.  We offer a free consultation to go over your particular situation and map out a debt defense for you.  Take a look at my client debt relief success stories and read about people just like you who are now living a life free of debt.


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