A National Collegiate Student Loan lawsuit is serious and can result in a default judgement against you if the lawsuit is ignored.  With the proper representation, you can successfully defend a National Collegiate Student Loan lawsuit.   Here is just one example of the reasons to hire a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust defense lawyer.  Our client owed National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSLT) $15,785.03 and was being sued by Patenaude & Felix, a law firm who often represents NCSLT.  We negotiated a debt settlement with them that our client would only have to pay back $8,500 over a period of 24 months.  We saved our client almost half of what she originally owed.  Plus, she never had to see the inside of a court room.

why hire a national collegiate student loan trust defense lawyer
Act now if you’re facing a student debt lawsuit! These are the top reasons to hire a lawyer for a National Collegiate Loan Trust lawsuit.

Why Hire a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Defense Lawyer?

Who is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?  They are an entity who buys student loan debt from major lenders, such as Bank One, Discover, Chase, Wells Fargo, Charter One, Banks or America, Union Federal Savings and more.  Even though the ownership of your student loan debt changes to National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, you still owe the full amount of your student loan.  If your student loan goes into default, then you will most likely be sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.   In this case, I offer the Gamez Law Firm top 6 reasons you need a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust defense lawyer:


  1. FIGHT BACK!National Collegiate Student Loan Trust hires lawyers, usually from the law firm Patenaude & Felix, who do nothing but sue to collect student loan debt.  They have NCSLT lawsuits down to a science.  To fight back, you will need an experienced, successful lawyer for a National Collegiate Student Loan Lawsuit defense.  Make sure you seek the advice of an attorney who offers a free consultation to go over your particular situation.  Never pay anyone up front for advice.
  2. VALIDATE THE DEBTYou’d be surprised how many times a NCSLT lawsuit can be dismissed based on incorrect information in the legal documents of your lawsuit.   Incorrect information that can get your lawsuit dismissed can include who is the valid owner of the loan, missing or wrong case number, names, amounts of debt owed and/or other information.
  3. PROTECT YOUR MONEYIf you do not respond to an NCSLT lawsuit, then most likely a default judgement will be filled against you.  In this case, you could very likely have your bank levied, wages garnished and/or a lien filed against your property or real estate.
  4. DEBT SETTLEMENTA student loan lawyer can help you reach a debt settlement, which is basically a negotiation between the borrower and the lender that the borrower will pay back usually a greatly reduced amount of the total debt owed in a lump sum or over an extended period of time.
  5. AVOID SCAMSUnfortunately, there are a lot of people trying to make money off the student loan debt crisis by preying on people already in vulnerable situations.  Be sure to do your due diligence when finding student loan debt help.   Stay away from “debt relief companies”, as they are often caught up in scams.  Plus, if you are sued by NCSLT, you will need a real attorney to represent you, and not a debt relief company.
  6. QUALITY REPRESENTATIONLawyers are held to ethical standards under the law that other professionals are not.  If they try to take advantage of you, their law license will be taken away.  A student loan lawyer must put the best interest of their client above all else.


So why hire a National Collegiate Student Loan defense attorney? The bottom line is that the right National Collegiate Student Loan defense lawyer will end up saving you money.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Defense Lawyer in California

A National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Defense Lawyer in California can help you fight back if you are sued.   If you are in default and need to defend a student loan lawsuit, then give me a call at 858-217-5051 or email me at daniel@gamezlawfirm.coim.  I offer a free debt consultation to go over your particular situation.  I will customize a plan to defend you in a lawsuit and get you out of debt.  Take a look at my client debt relief success stories.  You could also be one!

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