If you are being sued by Suttell & Hammer for debt, you need to know you have options to stop a debt collection lawsuit.   Suttell & Hammer is a law firm who represents some of the largest banks in the country, such as Bank of America and Discover.  When a borrower cannot pay back these banks, then the banks hire Suttell & Hammer to sue the borrower.  I have defended many Suttell & Hammer lawsuits for my clients and saved them thousands of dollars.

For instance, our client owed Bank of America, N.A. $9,988.61 for credit card debt that accumulated over the course of many years. She is self-employed and became pregnant with twins. Due to several complications with her pregnancy, her doctor placed her on bed rest, which significantly reduced her income. Bank of America eventually referred her account to Suttell & Hammer, who threatened to sue our client if we could not resolve the account.  After explaining our client’s hardships, Suttell & Hammer agreed to accept $4,750.00 to deem the account settled in full. We saved our client $5,238.61 (53%) of the total balance claimed due.


Sued by Suttell & Hammer? Here’s What to Do  

what to do if sued by suttler and hammer for credit card debt
If you are being sued by Suttler and Hammer for debt, you can fight back with help from a debt lawsuit lawyer.

So who is Suttell & Hammer exactly?  If you go on their website, they offer little information other than they are a “creditors-rights law firm” serving the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska and Utah.  “Creditors-rights law firm” basically means that they represent banks in credit card debt lawsuits, mainly Bank of America and Discover.   You need to take immediate action in a Suttell & Hammer lawsuit defense if you have been notified that you are being sued.   The law firm spends their vast resources going after unpaid credit card debt, so you need to be prepared to fight back in a Suttell & Hammer Lawsuit.

Even if you receive notice stating that Suttell & Hammer is intending to sue you, do not ignore the notice.  Our client owed Discover $13,282.25. The account had not been paid in over 2 years and Discover assigned the account to Suttell & Hammer. We received notice that they intended to file a lawsuit if we did not come to terms on a settlement. Fortunately, our client had a lump sum available to offer to resolve this account. Discover agreed to accept $5,000.00, payable in a lump sum to settled the account in full. We saved our client $8,282.25 (62%) of the balance and helped him avoid the lawsuit being filed against him.


Suttell and Hammer Lawsuit Defense Options

You need to specifically hire an experienced debt lawyer for a Suttell & Hammer lawsuit.  Steer clear of “debt relief companies” who often get caught up in debt relief scams.  Attorneys operating in law firms are held to an ethical standard under the law that debt relief companies are not.  I have saved my clients significant amounts of money in Suttell & Hammer settlements.   A settlement (or “debt settlement”) is a negotiation reached between the credit card borrower and Suttell & Hammer that the borrower will pay often significantly less than the total amount of the debt due in a lump sum or spread out over an extended period of time.  The banks like this option because they save money on costly debt collection lawsuits, plus they would rather receive some money from the borrower than have them declare bankruptcy and receive nothing.

Don’t think that your account balance is so small they Suttell & Hammer won’t sue you! Our client owed Discover Bank a whopping $1,319.08. She had over $80,000 in other debts owed and this one didn’t seem a priority until Suttell & Hammer filed a lawsuit to recover this defaulted balance. Smaller debts can be hard to settle and there were really no defenses to the lawsuit. Rather than have them rack up more money in attorney’s fees than the debt was worth, our client agreed to settle this matter for $990.00. This wasn’t the hugest savings around, but their attorney’s fees and court costs would have easily caused this debt to more than double if they went all the way to trial.


Debt Lawyer for Suttell & Hammer Lawsuit

If you are being sued by Suttell & Hammer for credit card debt and need a debt lawsuit defense, then call me for a free consultation to go over your lawsuit.   We will discuss your debt relief options based on your financial means and work on finding you a solution that you can afford. Hiring a debt lawyer to handle your credit card settlement with a proven track record of client debt relief success stories is your best bet in dealing with a Suttel & Hammer lawsuit.  To go over your case at zero cost to you, give me a call at 844-729-4866, email me at info@thedebtsettlementlawyer.com or click HERE to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION online.


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