If you are being sued by QuickBridge for small business loan debt in California, you should take action so that a default judgment isn’t filed against you. A default judgment is a binding court ruling in favor of QuickBridge, in this case. Meaning, you lose the lawsuit before you even have a chance to fight. If you are being sued, you could have very good chance of getting out of the lawsuit by reaching a debt settlement with QuickBridge (also known as QuickBridge Funding). A debt settlement is negotiation between the lender and the borrower that the borrower will pay back a (usually greatly) reduced amount of the loan in a lump sum or over a period of time. Why would a lender agree to a debt settlement? Simple – if you declare bankruptcy, then they get nothing. Plus, settlements save all parties in attorney fees. By hiring an experienced debt attorney, the borrower gets out of debt with a settlement and saves money.

sued by QuickBridge for debt
If you’re being sued for debt by QuickBridge, contact The Debt Settlement Lawyer at 844-729-4866 for a FREE consultation.

Being Sued by QuickBridge Funding? Who are they?

Quickbridge Funding offers loans to small businesses in need of capital fast who usually can’t
get a loan with a traditional bank. If you are being sued by Quickbridge Funding, it’s important
to understand they have a tenacious legal team ready to collect on debt. Quickbridge is owned
by California-based National Funding, which is one of the largest lenders for small and medium-
sized business loans. If you have been served notice of a lawsuit from Quickbridge, then it’s the
National Funding legal team who is filing the judgment against you. National Funding has a
seasoned and experienced legal team well versed in filing lawsuits against small businesses who
are having a hard time repaying their loans.

QuickBridge Funding offers loans with varying repayment plans. Often lenders are required to
begin paying back the loan within a few days, and the loans can be very expensive. Because of
these factors, it’s no surprise many small business owners fall behind on their payments and
wind up being sued.

What to do if Being Sued by QuickBridge Funding?

If you are being sued by QuickBridge funding, then you need legal representation to fight back
against their vast and capable legal team. Make sure you find an attorney who focuses on debt
lawsuits with a proven track record of saving clients money while getting them out of debt. You
should be able to speak with a debt attorney and come up with a plan without being charged a
dime. Be aware of debt settlement companies (as opposed to a debt law firm), who the
Consumer Financial Projection Bureau warns can be risky. Attorneys are held to moral and
ethical obligations under the law that debt settlement companies are not.

If you have been sued by QuickBridge Funding for small business loan debt in California, contact
The Debt Settlement Lawyer at 844-729-4866 for a free debt consultation. We will go over your particular
situation and map out a strategy to get you out of debt. We are in the business of saving our clients money. 


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