If you are wondering what to do if sued by CIR Law Offices, then you are not alone.  As a debt relief attorney, I often deal with the CIR Law Office in San Diego to help consumers sued for credit card debt.  A credit card debt lawsuit can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to handle it.  However, you do have options if CIR Law Offices has filed a credit card debt lawsuit against you. 

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What to Do If Sued by CIR Law Offices In San Diego

If you have been sued by CIR Law Offices in San Diego for credit card debt, then you need to take immediate action.  CIR Law Offices collects debts for banks such as TD Bank (Target) and Synchrony Bank who finance big retailer such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy’s and others.  If you are sued by CIR Law Offices and do nothing, then a default judgment could be filed against you.  A default judgement, in this case, would be a binding judgement in favor of CIR Law Offices. In other words, you lose with no chance to fight. 


what to do if Sued By CIR Law Offices For Credit Card Debt
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I have had success fighting back against these lawsuits by negotiating debt settlements with CIR Law Offices.  A debt settlement is a negotiation made that the credit card borrower will pay back a (usually greatly) reduced amount of the credit card debt in a lump sum or over an extended period of time.  The banks like to accept debt settlements because they save time and money rather than going through with the lawsuit.  Plus, they would rather receive something from a credit card borrower then have the borrower declare bankruptcy and receive nothing.


For example, our client owed $2,500.00 on a Target credit card. CIR Law Offices sued our client and obtained a judgment against him. CIR then attempted to levy on our client’s bank account to satisfy the judgment. Fortunately, he only had a small amount of money in his account. This is when I was retained as their debt relief attorney to negotiate a settlement. We settled the account for a one-time lump sum payment of $1,500.00. The account is now settled and our client no longer has to worry about having his bank account frozen by this creditor.


Defend a Debt Collector Lawsuit from CIR Law Offices 

So what should you do if sued for credit card debt by CIR Law Offices?  The first thing I do to defend a lawsuit from CIR Law Offices is make sure the court dates are calendared out and that the lawsuit is valid, such as the amount of credit card debt trying to be collected correct and making sure additional fees haven’t been added on.  It’s also very important to look at the timeline.  In California, a debt collector has four years from the date you default in payment of your debt to file a lawsuit against you.  If they do not, then the statute of limitations prevents them from collecting the credit card debt.  All of these steps help determine if you have a counter lawsuit against CIR Law Offices based on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


In most cases, I have been able to settle a debt collection lawsuit with CIR Law Offices.  For instance, our client got sued by CIR Law Offices for her Amazon credit card that is owned by Synchrony Bank. She owed $6,000.00 on this account. We were able to quickly settle this account for our client without having to file an Answer to the lawsuit. Synchrony Bank agreed to accept $3,600.00, payable in 12 monthly installments to fully settle the matter. We saved our client $2,400.00, and she no longer faces the threat of a judgment being entered against her in court.   Visit my website’s client debt relief success stories to read about more real stories like this.


You do need to seek help if sued for credit card debt by debt collector CIR Law Offices.  The banks they represent have vast resources at their fingertips.  They will go after you and win unless you fight back.  Be aware of debt relief companies soliciting you that often scam their clients.  The Federal Trade Commission shares these tips on “signs of a debt relief scam”.  Call me if you are looking for a debt lawsuit attorney in San Diego.  I offer a 100% free consultation for debt help to go over your debt relief.  As my clients can tell you, my fees are very reasonable and far outweigh the savings that I deliver.



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