If you are being sued by American Express for credit card debt, you have options in dealing with debt collectors. It’s important to face the debt lawsuit head-on with a solid legal strategy than to have a default judgment filed against you that results in an automatic loss for you. I am often asked if you can reach a debt settlement with American Express. Yes, it’s highly probable to settle with American Express and save money by reaching a negotiation with AMEX Legal.

For instance, our client was battling cancer while going through a nasty divorce when she got notice that a lawsuit had been filed against her for her AmEx credit card debt. Our debt relief law firm negotiated an American Express debt settlement on her balance due, which was in excess of $37,800. We convinced the law firm hired by AmEx credit card to accept $10,000 instead of the full $37,800 of the credit card debt owed. We saved our client approximately 75% of the balance due, or $27,800.


Being Sued By American Express?

If you are being sued by American Express National Bank, do not ignore the lawsuit. Being served notice of a lawsuit from American Express means they are prepared to take active measures to collect the credit card debt you owe. You could face debt collection harassment such as collection calls, garnished wages, property liens, and/or wage garnishments if a judgment is entered against you. AMEX has vast legal teams that do nothing but sue credit card consumers in default. You need a formidable legal defense to settle with American Express.

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Our client owed $16,363 on an AMEX credit card. He also has about $70,000 in other credit card debt that he was unable to pay due to a number of hardships. AMEX eventually referred this account out to Nationwide Credit, Inc., a large collection agency. We negotiated an American Express debt settlement with the terms that our client would only pay 40% of the total amount of the debt due. And because we also were working with Nationwide on our client’s other credit card accounts, they agreed to accept payments of just $10 per month for a few months until we freed up settlement funds that were going toward the other accounts. After that, the settlement payments gradually will increase at a rate that is affordable to our client. We saved our client $9,817 on this American Express debt settlement.


What To Do If Sued By American Express (AXP)

If you are dealing with debt collectors for an American Express credit card, there are some things you can do to stop the harassment.  

  • File a proper response to the AmEX lawsuit, so that a default judgment isn’t entered against you in a court of law. If a default judgment is entered against you, then you lose the lawsuit without ever getting a chance to fight back.
  • Contact APX Legal and ask for proof of the debt. Your chances of reaching a favorable American Express debt settlement increase if the necessary proof cannot be provided.
  • Find out if the lawsuit complies with the Statue of Limitations.
  • Contest improper service in terms of notifying you of the lawsuit.
  • You could have a counterclaim if the plaintiff violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Settle Debt With American Express

If you are sued over American Express credit card debt, then contact us for a free debt consultation at 858-217-5051 to see if we can help you get out of it and settle your credit card debt. It is possible to win a credit card debt lawsuit with the help of a debt lawyer. An experienced attorney can provide you with a promising credit card lawsuit defense and save you money. As our clients will tell you, the money we save them far outweighs our attorney fees. The Gamez Law Firm has offices in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA – but we help consumers all over the country with American Express debt settlements. Below are more of our American Express debt settlement client stories. Visit my website to read about more Gamez Law Firm client debt relief success stories.  


  • Our client owed American Express $33,036. Before a lawsuit was filed, AMEX demanded a full balance payoff, payable in monthly installments. American Express subsequently sued our client for the full balance. We negotiated an American Express debt settlement for $16,000, payable over a 15-month term. Our client saved 52% on the balance due on this account.
  • Our client owed American Express $4,074.02. He also had approximately $120,000 in other credit card debt that he became unable to pay due to a number of hardships. AMEX eventually referred this account out to Firstsource Advantage, a large collection agency. After explaining our client’s hardships and other debts due, Firstsource agreed to accept $1,262 to settle this account in one lump sum. We saved our client $2,812.00 (a 70% savings on the total debt due).
  • Our client owed American Express $35,351.12. She defaulted in payment on this account, as well as several others. AMEX eventually filed a lawsuit against our client seeking the full balance due. Over the course of the next year, we continued efforts to negotiate a settlement for our client due to the pending lawsuit filed by Michael & Associates. With a pending trial date, our client agreed to settle this debt for $20,000.00, payable over a period of 24 months. We saved our client $15,351.12 and got her into a debt settlement that she can afford to pay over time.
  • Our client owed American Express $2,366.35. The account went into collections when she could longer afford the payments. AMEX sent the account to Firstsource to handle further collections. Once the account reached Firstsource, we recognized that the account would be ripe for settlement. We offered and Firstsource accepted $830 to settle. Due to some confusion, the account shifted back to AMEX before the settlement payment could be made. We presented proof of the prior arrangement and AMEX agreed to honor and accept the deal. We saved our client $1,535.35 (65% of the balance due) on this account.
  • Our client owed American Express $35,351.12 and could no longer make the payments. American Express sued her for the full balance due. Facing trial, our client did not dispute the amount due and agreed to settle the debt for $20,000, payable over 24 months. We saved our client over $15,000 on this debt and avoided a trial and a potential judgment that would have had our client on the hook for the entire amount due.
  • Our client owed American Express $30,096.72. AMEX referred the account to the law firm Nelson & Kennard, who filed a lawsuit against our client. We were successful in settling this account for $15,500 (payable in two payments) without having to file an Answer and fight this out in court. We saved our client $14,596.72 on this account.
  • Our client owned a construction company that did not survive the recession. He owed American Express Bank $27,442.36 on a credit card used for this business when he was forced to close it down. American Express sued my client and the business for the full amount due, plus court costs and attorney’s fees of $630. We were able to reach a debt settlement for a one-time, lump sum payment of $12,000, without having to file an Answer to the lawsuit. We saved our client $16,072.36 (a 60% discount on the amount claimed due). 
  • Our client owed $7,804.07 to American Express/Citibank for a Costco credit card. He became unable to pay this account after his business shut down. The account eventually got referred out to debt collection agency Credit Control. Once with them, we were able to negotiate a settlement of $2,731.42, which is approximately 35% of the total balance due. We saved our client $5,072.65 on this delinquent credit card debt.
  • Our client owed American Express $2,366.55. She had been in default for over a year on this credit card account. AMEX sent the account out to FirstSource for further debt collection efforts. They originally asked for 50% of the debt to settle. After some back and forth regarding our client’s hardships, they agreed to accept a lump sum of $830 to settle this account. We saved our client $1,536.55 (65%) of the balance due.
  • Our client owed American Express $3,369. AMEX sent her account to Nationwide Credit, which is one of their debt collection agencies. Nationwide originally requested that she pay 60% of this balance to have the account considered settled in full. After a series of phone calls back and forth, explaining that our client is unemployed, Nationwide agreed to accept approximately 30% of the balance, which came out to $1,050.00. We saved our client $2,319.00 on this account. 
  • Our client owed American Express approximately $6,320. My office started getting phone calls from 877-434-3248, but the caller would not leave a message. I later learned that this number belongs to American Express Global Collections. After speaking with a representative, we were able to settle this account in a lump sum for $2,212, which is 35% of the total balance due.

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