If you are served with a credit card collection lawsuit from Winn Law Group or Gurstel Law Firm, then you need to take immediate action.  First, you should know that these two law firms merged around 2020. They are now operating under together under Gurstel Law Firm, with many of the same attorneys from both firms. If you see reference to Winn Law Group on any documents, it is now likely be handled by Gurstel Law Firm. As a debt relief attorney who deals with them frequently, I can tell you that Gurstel Law Firm is a debt collection law firm that very often represents debt buying company Cavalry Portfolio Services or Cavalry SPV I, LLC, which I will go into further shortly. In a debt collector lawsuit, you must take action or risk a default judgment against you.  Meaning, if you don’t fight back, you will automatically lose and risk a Gurstel Law Firm wage garnishment, bank levy, a lien on your property or bank account and significant damage to your credit.

The good news is that a Gurstel Law Firm or Winn Law Group settlement is a very viable option in many cases.  For instance, our client owed a $21,914.46 debt to Wells Fargo in credit card debt. She stopped making payments and went delinquent after she unexpectedly lost her job. Wells Fargo eventually sold the debt to Cavalry Portfolio Services. They tried to collect the debt for about 6 months. When they couldn’t, the account got referred to the Winn Law Group to file a lawsuit against our client. Once our client got served with the lawsuit, we stepped in to negotiate a debt settlement. The Winn Law Group initially demanded $17,532.00 to settle the account. After explaining our client’s hardships and inability to pay that amount, they agreed to accept $7,000.00 to settle this account. We saved our client $14,914.46 on this debt (approximately 68% of the balance claimed due).   Visit our website to learn more about our client debt relief success stories.


What to Do If Sued by Gurstel Law Firm

If you received a summons from Gurstel Law Firm who is suing you on behalf of Cavalry SPV I, LLC or Cavalry Portfolio Services, then it’s time to fight back!  If you have been sued by Winn Law Group, then you most likely have unpaid credit cards with Capital One, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, Chase, Bank of America or another lender.  Once you have not paid your credit card for 180 days, then your account is considered in default and “charged off”.  At this point, Cavlary SPV I, LLC or Cavalry Portfolio Services steps in and buys these charged off credit card account for pennies on the dollar.  You still owe the full amount of your credit card debt and Cavalry SPV I, LLC or Cavalry Portfolio Services will come after it from you with a credit card debt lawsuit.  They often use the Gurstel Law Firm to carry out the lawsuit.


If you are seeking Gurstel Law Firm lawsuit help, then you have a couple of options.  The first step is to make sure that the lawsuit against you is valid. When Cavalry SPV I, LLC or Cavalry Portfolio Services buys up charged off credit cards, they usually are only given a spreadsheet of information that has just your name, number and the amount of credit card debt you owe.  Gurstel Law Firm has the burden of proof under the law to validate that they do actually own your debt, that the debt amount is correct, that all of the information in the lawsuit is correct, that the statute of limitations to bring a lawsuit hasn’t expired and other technicalities.  If these facts cannot be proven, then there is a good chance your lawsuit will be dismissed.  If the lawsuit is valid, then it’s time to try to negotiate a settlement with Gurstel Law Firm.



Gurstel Law Firm Settlement Help 

Find out how to fight back from a debt lawsuit from Gurstel Law Firm. For a free consultation call 844-729-4866 or click here to schedule an appointment with us.


To settle a debt collection lawsuit with Winn Law Group, your first step is to contact a debt relief attorney.  I offer a 100% free debt consultation to go over your Gurstel Law Firm settlement or any other debt issues.  As cautioned by the Federal Trade Commission, do your research and be aware of debt relief scams.  In a Gurstel Law Firm settlement, a negotiation is made that you (the credit card borrower) will pay a (usually greatly) reduced amount of your credit card debt to Cavalry SPV I, LLC or Cavalry Portfolio Services in a lump sum or over an extended period of time.  Cavalry SPV I, LLC or Cavalry Portfolio Services would rather save the court related costs of suiting you and receive SOME payment from you – then have you declare bankruptcy and receive nothing.


Our client owed Cavalry Portfolio Services $14,273.37. He had never heard of Cavalry before and denied owing a debt to them. Upon further investigation, we determined that this debt originally belonged to Chase Bank, which the client recalled as an old creditor that hadn’t been paid. The Winn Law Group threatened to file suit against our client if we were unable to reach a settlement. We submitted a lump sum offer of $5,000.00 to settle this debt. The Winn Law Group accepted the offer as full settlement of the account. We saved our client $9,273.37 (approximately 65% of the balance claimed due).


You need to seek debt lawsuit help if sued by Gurstel Law Firm for debt.   As I stated earlier, if you do nothing, then a default judgement will be entered against you in a court of law and you could face a Gurstel Law Firm wage garnishment or other previously listed recourse.   Give me a call at 844-729-4866 or schedule your consultation here, if you are in need of debt help from a Gurstel Law Firm lawsuit.  As my clients can attest, the savings I offer far outweigh my fees.  And the relief of moving on with your life after a lawsuit is priceless.




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