If you have been sued by National Funding, then you need to take immediate action.  Do not ignore a National Funding Lawsuit.  National funding has a team of in-house attorneys that are devoted to suing small business owners who are not been able to repay their loans.


Who Is National Funding Inc

National Funding is private lender for businesses in need of funding to stay afloat.  Oftentimes, the loans they offer include a personal guarantee signed by the business owner.  This means that if the business owner cannot repay the loan, then the business owner is personally responsible for the debt.  If you are wondering “why is National Funding suing me”, then you probably took out a business loan and fell behind on payments. So now you are being sued by National Funding for business loan debt.

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Reach a settlement with National Funding by following these helpful tips.

Win A National Funding Lawsuit

If you need help with small business loan debt and have been sued by National Funding, a debt settlement might be your best option.  A debt settlement is a negotiation between the borrower and the lender that the borrower will pay a (usually greatly) reduced portion of the loan in a lump sum or over a period of time.  The lender would rather receive some funds from you than none if you declare bankruptcy.  Plus a debt settlement saves the lender money in attorney fees fighting you in a legal battle.  

It’s tough to downright win a small business loan lawsuit if the terms of the loan are proven valid and you have defaulted in making payments on the loan.  Many small business owners who need help with small business loan debt immediately panic and think they need to file for bankruptcy.   If you have been served with a National Funding Lawsuit, then you might have a better chance of saving your business and money with a debt settlement.  

If you want to settle National Funding debt, give me a call for a free consultation at 858-217-5051.  I will look at your case and let you know your best options – be it bankruptcy, a National Funding debt settlement, or another approach to getting you out of debt. In order to fight your National Funding lawsuit, you should consult with a lawyer.  National Funding’s lawyers are devoted to suing borrowers for non-payment, so you need an experienced debt settlement lawyer on your side.   Although my offices are located in San Diego and Los Angeles, California, I help people all over California settle National Funding debt. Take a look at my debt settlement success stories to see how you can save money and end your lawsuit troubles with the help the Gamez Law Firm.

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