If you are wondering what to do if sued by The Moore Law Group for credit card debt, the simple answer is to act fast so that a default judgment isn’t filed against you. The Moore Law Group represents creditors such as Best Buy, Bank of America and Capital One in debt collection lawsuits. If you do not respond to a Moore Law Group lawsuit, then they will win automatically in a default judgment. If this happens, you could face your wages being garnished, a bank levy or a lien against your property. We often recommend a Moore Law Group debt settlement to get out of the debt lawsuit and save you money by not having to pay back the full amount of the debt owed.

For instance, our clients often get sued by Capital One.  Capital One often hires The Moore Law Group to sue individuals in a debt collection lawsuit.  It is possible to negotiate a Moore Law Group debt settlement to save a client significant amounts.  The Moore Law Group may agree to accept less than the full amount of the total debt owed, often over an extended amount of time with an amount down and the remaining balance over a term. 

Sued by The Moore Law Group for Credit Card Debt? Here’s What to Do

If you are being sued by The Moore Law Group for credit card debt, then a debt settlement could be a good option for you. A debt settlement is a negotiation between the borrower (you) and the creditor that you will pay back a greatly reduced amount of the loan over a period of time or in a lump sum. If you cannot make your debt payments or have been served a debt collection lawsuit by The Moore Law Group, then a debt settlement can be a good route to get you out of the lawsuit and save you money. Creditors often agree to debt settlements because they save money in attorney fees trying to sue you and they would rather receive some of the debt you owe than to have you declare bankruptcy and receive nothing.

It is also possible to negotiate a Moore Law Group settlement for Bank of America debt and knock down the debt due. They will usually settle your Bank of America Debt with payments of a term for two years. We also have experience handling debt collection lawsuits from the Moore Law Group for Best Buy credit card debt. Since these tend to be lower balance accounts, it’s possible to get the accounts settled for less than the full balance, with payments on the settlement for 12 months. 


Settle a Moore Law Group Lawsuit

To settle a Moore Law Group lawsuit, hiring a debt lawsuit defense attorney is a good first step to take in order to save money and get out of the lawsuit. Before speaking to an attorney though, there are some things you can do on your own. You can contact The Moore Law Group and ask for “proof of debt”.  Also, find out if the lawsuit complies with the Statute of Limitations. If the plaintiff violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, then you could file a counterclaim.

At The Debt Settlement Lawyer, we offer a free consultation to go over your debt situation and find the best option to settle your Moore Group credit card debt. Call us at 844-729-4866 or go to our contact us page to set up an appointment. Our goal is to solve your debt problem and save you money. 


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