What to do if sued by Michael & Associates for credit card debt? If you owe a creditor like American Express, Michael & Associates could be hired by them to sue you for credit card debt. If you don’t respond to the debt collection lawsuit, then a default judgment could be filed against you. A default judgment is a binding judgement in favor of Michael & Associates (American Express). You want to stop a default judgment, so that you don’t have a lien placed against property you, your bank account levied, or your wages garnished. To go up against the seasoned debt collection law firm of Michael & Associates, you should hire an experienced debt settlement attorney who will save you money and get you out of the lawsuit. In this blog, we will explain who is Michael & Associates, why are they suing me, and explain “debt settlement”. But first, here are examples of potential settlements with Michael & Associates debt settlement clients. 

American Express is notorious for suing debtors for unpaid balances. American Express debt can be substantial. It’s common to have account with balances in excess of  $35,000.00. If a consumer defaults in payments on this account, American Express has the right to sue you. They will be seeking the full balance due. Even if the case is pending with a trial date, it is still possible to continue efforts to negotiate a settlement for you despite the pending lawsuit filed by Michael & Associates. With a trial date on the horizon, we can still settle this debt for a lower amount, which can lead to a potential savings of 40% to 60% of the balance claimed due. Often these settlements are payable over a period of 24 months. Our goal is to get you into a settlement you can truly afford considering your budget with payments over an extended term – often over two to three years. 

Who is Michael & Associates and Why are They Suing me?

If you wondering who is Michael & Associates and why are they suing me, then you are not alone. There is not a lot of information about them on the Internet. Michael & Associates is a debt collection law firm that is hired by large creditors like American Express. To stop Michael & Associates phone harassment to collect on credit card debt, we usually suggest a hiring an attorney with debt settlement experience. Once American Express is put on notice that you have hired an attorney, they are not permitted to contact you by phone or mail. All communications must go through the hired attorney. A debt settlement is a negotiation between you and Michael & Associates that you will agree to pay an often much lower portion of the original debt over a period of time or in a lump sum. Lenders often agree to debt settlements because it saves them in legal fees and they would rather receive a portion of the debt you owe, then have you file for bankruptcy and receive nothing. 

Find a debt attorney who offers a free consultation to see if a Michael & Associates debt settlement is a good option for you. Never pay someone upfront for advice. And be aware of debt settlement “companies” as opposed to law firms. They are not held to the same ethical standards under the law as attorneys in a law firm.

Settle a Michael & Associates Lawsuit

As another example, we have seen debtors that owe $10,000 in American Express debt. When the debtor could not make these payments, Michael & Associates filed a lawsuit on behalf of American Express against the debtor. Through negotiation with an experienced debt settlement lawyer,  the debtor reached a debt settlement and saved about 60% ($4,199.00).  The debtor was able to pay back the remaining balance due on the settlement in payments spread out over a 10-month period.


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