Wondering what to do if sued by Hunt & Henriques for credit card debt in California? Wondering who they are representing to sue you in a debt collection lawsuit?  Hunt & Henriques is a credit card debt collection law firm that represents creditors such as Bank of America and Capital One. If you do not respond to a Hunt & Henriques lawsuit, a default judgment will most likely be entered against you. A default judgement is a binding judgment against you and in favor of Hunt & Henriques, which could result in wage garnishment, bank levy or a lien against your property. A Hunt & Henriques debt settlement is what we usually recommend to get out of the debt lawsuit.

For instance, a consumer owed Bank of America in excess of $8,400.00. Bank of America hired Hunt & Henriques to sue the consumer for the debt in the state of California. Although a Hunt & Henriques lawsuit had been filed against the consumer wanted to see what her options were for a debt settlement. With the help of a debt settlement attorney she was able to enter into a negotiated settlement of $4,500, payable over a 7-month period. This consumer beat the Hunt & Henriques lawsuit and was able to move on from her debt.

When sued for credit card debt, you’ll want a debt attorney to file a proper response in your Hunt & Henriques lawsuit defense, so that a default judgment isn’t entered against you.  If a default judgment is entered against you, then you lose the case without a fighting chance. Some things you can do on your own before speaking with an attorney include contacting the law firm suing you and asking for “proof of debt”. We have found that most creditors won’t respond to this, but they should at least provide you with the balance claimed due. Also, find out if the lawsuit complies with the Statute of Limitations. If the plaintiff violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the California Rosenthal Act then you could file a counterclaim or a separate lawsuit against them.

Sued by Hunt & Henriques For Credit Card Debt? Here’s What to Do

If you are being harassed by a debt collector or are being sued by Hunt & Henriques for credit card debt or a loan, a debt settlement might be a good option for you.  A debt settlement is a negotiation made between the borrower (you) and the creditor (or law firm representing the creditor) that you will pay usually a greatly reduced amount of the total debt you owe either in a lump sum or in monthly payments over a period of time. We advise against using a debt settlement “company” over a law firm, as attorneys are held to standards and ethics under the law that companies are not. You should never pay anyone up front for advice. 

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A consumer owed Capital One $12,500.00 on her credit card. She called a debt settlement law firm for a free consultation and seeking debt collection lawsuit defense after being served with a Hunt & Henriques lawsuit. Through an attorney, she settled the Hunt & Henriques debt lawsuit for $6,500 payable over 12 months. She was able to stay out of court by getting this account settled within a matter of a few days of retaining a law firm to represent her. The case eventually got dismissed and she is now well on her way to becoming debt free. 

Settle a Hunt & Henriques Lawsuit

To settle a Hunt & Henriques lawsuit, hiring a debt lawsuit defense attorney is a good first step to take in order to save money and get out of the lawsuit.  The Debt Settlement Lawyer offers a free consultation to go over your situation and find the best option to settle your Hunt & Henriques credit card debt.  Call us at 844-729-4866. Our goal is to solve your debt problem and save you money. 


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