Learn what to do if you have been sued by Harris & Zide Law Firm for debt.  Harris & Zide is a debt collection law firm that represents large banks, such as Bank of America and Barclays Bank.  If you are being sued by Harris a=& Zide, the chances are good that you can reach a debt settlement that could save you thousands of dollars.  For instance, our client owed Bank of America $32,584.98 and had stopped making payments on this credit card debt.  Bank of America retained Harris & Zide to sue my client for breach of contract.  A week before trial, we reached debt settlement agreement that our client would only have to pay half of the total debt due.  Since my client had other debts to resolve as well, we reached an agreement to let him pay off this settlement over a period of four years. We saved our client $16,292.49 on this debt. More importantly, we helped him avoid having a judgment entered against him, which could have haunted him for many years.


Sued By Harris & Zide For Debt 

If you have been sued by Harris & Zide for debt, then you need to know you can fight a debt collection lawsuit.  First, you need to find out who Harris & Zide is representing in the lawsuit and then seek debt collection lawsuit help.  When a consumer is sued by debt collection law firm Harris & Zide, it’s usually a result of a credit card account that has been “charged -off”.  Federal regulators require banks to charge-off credit card accounts when borrowers have not made credit card payment in over 180 days.  At this point, the bank concludes that the borrower is unlikely to pay their debt.  You still owe the debt and can be sued for the debt.  The banks, meanwhile, get a tax exemption for the debt and move one step closer to suing you in a debt collection lawsuit.


Our client owed Barclays Bank $8,848.37 and was being sued by Harris & Zide.  We offer a free legal consultation, so she called me to discuss her situation.  Our client could not keep up with the payments to Barclays Bank after her ex-husband stopped making child support and alimony payments. Barclays hired Harris & Zide to collect the debt.  When our client was still unable to make payments, she was sued by Harris & Zide.   With a pending trial date, we attempted several times to settle. Five days before trial, Barclays agreed to settle the debt for a one-time lump sum payment of $4,089.00, which is approximately 46% of the balance claimed due. We saved our client $4,759.00.  And again, we helped her avoid the necessity of appearing for a trial and facing an inevitable judgment against her.


Debt collection law firms have vast resources at their fingertips and are in the business of suing borrowers for debt.  You need an experienced debt lawsuit defense attorney to help fight a debt collection lawsuit.  Be wary of “debt settlement companies” – as they are not law firms and are not held to the same ethical standards under the law.  Many of my clients come to me as a result of a bad experience with a debt settlement company, oftentimes they were taken advantage of and bilked out of money in a debt relief scam.


Debt Lawsuit Help with Harris & Zide 

sued by Harris and Zide Law Firm for debt heres what to do
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If you need debt lawsuit help with a Harris & Zide lawsuit, then contact a debt relief attorney who offers a free consultation to go over your debt relief options.  Make sure the lawyer you speak with has a proven track record and client debt relief success stories of fighting Harris & Zide debt lawsuits successfully.  Our client owed Barclays Bank $9,073.37 in credit card debt and was unable to pay it for a number of unforeseen reasons.  When Barclays could not recover the credit card debt from my client, they hired Harris & Zide to sue her.  My client retained me and we defended her debt collection lawsuit.  Seven days before trial, they accepted a $3,500 lump sum instead of the full $9,073.37 in credit card debt.  We saved our client $5,573.27 and helped her avoid a judgment entered against her, which would have been very likely at trial.

If you have been sued by Harris and Zide debt collection law firm and need debt help, then call me at 844-729-4866 for a free consultation to go over your debt relief options.  You can also email me at info@thedebtsettlementlawyer.com or click HERE to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.



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