What to do if sued by Gurstel Law Firm for credit card debt in California? Do you want to stop Gurstel Law Firm collection harassment? Fight back! If you don’t respond to a debt collection lawsuit, then a default judgment could be filed against you. This means a binding judgment in favor of Gurstel Law Firm’s client (your creditor). You want to stop a default judgment, so that you don’t have your wages garnished, bank levied or have a lien filed against your property. Getting the right debt settlement attorney to negotiate a Gurstel Law Firm debt settlement is usually the route I advise my clients to take. I’ll take you through a Gurstel Law Firm settlement in California that I negotiated for my client who had accumulated over $140,000 in American Express credit card debt as a small business owner. But first, who is Gurstel Law Firm and why are they suing me?

Sued by Gurstel Law Firm and Who Are They?

If you are sued by Gurstel Law Firm for credit card debt in California, then you’re probably wondering who they are.  Gurstel Law Firm is a debt collection law firm that is often hired by large lenders like American Express, Capitol One, Citibank, Discover and Cavalry Portfolio. Before you can stop Gurstel Law Firm collection harassment, you need to understand that they have vast resources and their fundamental purpose is to sue consumers with credit card debt on behalf of the lender they are representing. If you plan on fighting a Gurstel Law Firm debt collection lawsuit, it’s imperative that you have commensurate legal representation to go up against their legal team. An experienced debt attorney will negotiate a Gurstel Law Firm settlement to save you a large percentage of the total debt you owe.

A debt settlement is a negotiation reached that the borrower will pay back a usually greatly reduced amount of the total debt owed in a lump sum or over a period of time.  Creditors like this option for a couple of reasons. One, they would rather collect some of your debt than to have you declare bankruptcy and receive nothing. And secondly, creditors like American Express, Capitol One, Citibank, Discover and Cavalry Portflio would rather not have to pay large legal fees to firms like Gurstel if they can reach a settlement instead. 

Sued by Gurstel Law Firm in California

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Settle a Gurstel Law Firm Lawsuit

One of our clients is a business owner and accumulated over $140,000 American Express debt on two business cards. His business shut down abruptly and he could not pay on these accounts. He and his wife were guarantors on the accounts. American Express referred these accounts to the Gurstel Law Firm for debt collection and they threatened to sue our client. This is when we were retained to negotiate a Gurstel Law Firm  settlement. Our client had the good fortune of being able to obtain 3rd party funds to pay the account in full, but he wanted his account re-opened and access to the reward points he had accumulated over the years. We were successful in negotiating these terms for our client. He paid the accounts off in full and AMEX has re-opened his account and given him access to over one million points that he had accumulated over the years. We always love reporting on successes in negotiating reductions for clients on credit card accounts. But in this instance, our client wanted access to his credit card again and his points. We were able to do this for our client.  

While this client success story involved a lump sum settlement, many negotiations spread out settlement payments over months or years. If you have been sued by Gurstel Law Firm for credit card debt, you need to take action. Never pay anyone for advice. There are quite a few debt settlement companies who take advantage of people facing debt collection lawsuits. The fact is, a debt settlement company cannot defend you in a lawsuit. You need to hire a law firm who focuses on debt settlements to get the optimum outcome and stop Gurstel Law Firm collection harassment. Law firms are held to ethical and legal standards under the law that debt collection companies are not. 

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