There is a way out if you are being sued by TD Bank for debt. First of all, who is TD Bank? TD Bank is the United States subsidiary of the banking corporation Toronto-Dominican Bank in Canada. TD Bank provides credit cards for Target stores across the nation. When a cardholder can’t pay their balance, TD Bank will usually go after the cardholder by filing a TD Bank lawsuit. One of the law firms that often handles TD Bank debt collection is Patenaude & Felix, whom our law firm negotiates with often on debt settlements. A debt settlement is a negotiation made between the credit card holder and the lender (TD Bank) that the card holder will pay back a reduced amount of their debt, rather than the full amount. This option is appealing to the lender because they would rather collect some of the debt owed, rather than have the card holder declare bankruptcy and receive nothing.


What To Do If Sued By TD Bank For Credit Card Debt

A TD Bank debt settlement is a way to get out of debt when you are unable to make your monthly payments and have been sued by a debt collector. To defend a TD Bank lawsuit, make sure you have legal representation to fight. TD Bank uses firms like Patenaude & Felix whose focus is collections and credit card lawsuits. You need an experienced debt settlement attorney with a proven track record to defend a TD Bank lawsuit. Be aware of debt settlement companies, as opposed to debt settlement law firms.

A debt settlement company can’t represent you if you are sued by TD Bank, plus they are not held to the same ethical obligations under the law as attorneys.  An experienced debt attorney will negotiate a TD Bank debt settlement that will get you out of debt and save you a good portion of the overall debt you owe. Make sure you find a debt lawyer who offers a free consultation. Never pay money up front just for advice.

For instance, a consumer owed TD Bank approximately $15,500 on a Target credit card. When she could not afford to pay the debt back, the account eventually got sent to collection law firm Patenaude & Felix to either collect or file suit. The consumer was eventually sued when the law firm was unable to collect from her. That is when she retained a debt settlement lawyer to assist in negotiation of the debt. Her attorney settled within 24 hours of being hired. TD Bank settled for $6,000. She was able to pay this off at a rate of $500 per month for 12 months with the help of a relative. She save about $9,500 on this debt and helped her avoid having to deal with a lawsuit. 

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What Happens if Sued by TD Bank USA

If you are being sued by TD Bank USA, then it’s imperative that you respond to the lawsuit. If you ignore the lawsuit, a default judgement can be entered against you. This means, the court enters a judgment by default in favor of TD Bank and you owe the full amount of the debt plus possible legal fees incurred by the debt collection law firm. If you cannot pay the debt, then you could be subjected to a bank levy or wage garnishment. Contact a debt lawsuit defense attorney who has experience fighting the big credit card companies. Our debt relief law firm offers a free consultation to go over your particular debt situation and map out a plan to get out of it. Give us a call at 844-729-4866 to set up an appointment.  


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