If you are being sued by Resurgent Capital Services in California for credit card debt, you are essentially being sued by debt collector LVNV Funding.  If you have been served with a debt collection lawsuit from Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV), you need to take immediate action, so that a default judgement isn’t filed against you. A default judgement is a ruling in favor of the debt collector. It can be difficult to know how to deal with Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV) in a credit card debt collection lawsuit, but a debt settlement negotiation could be your way out.

Who is Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV)?

When you are sued by Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV) in a debt collection lawsuit, you might be wondering who they are. If you don’t recognize the name of the company suing you, you probably wonder, “is Resurgent Capital legit?” First, you need to know who is LVNV Funding. LVNV Funding is a debt collection company who purchases defaulted credit card debt. Basically, when you can’t pay your credit card debt and the account goes into default, LVNV buys the debt for a discount and then sues you to collect the debt. Do not believe that they are buying this for “pennies on the dollar.” It’s usually more than that depending on the amount of time the account has been in default. LVNV often contracts with Resurgent Capital Services to actually collect the debt with a debt collection lawsuit.

What to do if Sued by Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV)?

Sued for Business Debt in California
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Are you feeling harassed by Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV)? If you are sued by Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV), then you need to find legal representation to help you reach a debt settlement and to defend you in a debt collection lawsuit.  A debt settlement is a negotiation reached between the party being sued (the borrower) and the debt collector (lender) that the borrower will pay back a significantly reduced portion of the total amount of the debt either in a lump sum or over a period of time. Lenders favor debt settlements, because they would rather receive some funds from the borrower than have the borrower file for bankruptcy and receive nothing. Be aware of debt settlement “companies” as opposed to debt relief law firms.  Debt settlement companies often charge significantly more, they are not a law firm – so they can’t represent the borrower in a lawsuit, and they are often so large that the borrower just becomes another number to them. Plus, debt attorneys are held to ethics and standard under the law. These large debt collection companies like Resurgent Capital Services have powerful teams of attorneys who do nothing but sue borrowers, you need an experienced debt attorney to help you get out of debt.

For instance, our consumer received debt collection notices from Resurgent Capital Services (LVNV) for two accounts that went into collections. She could no longer afford to pay these debts, as well as several others. These HSBC and Capital One accounts with Resurgent totaled $1,235.17. Fortunately, the consumer had been working with a debt settlement attorney for some time and they helped her save up money to settle her accounts. They were able to settle both accounts for a total of $445.79 saving  $789.38 on these two accounts. These were low balance accounts, but don’t be fooled by that. Creditors will still try to collect, and are known to file lawsuits for accounts totaling less than $1,000 balances in the past. To read about more debt settlement success stories, please visit my website here.

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