Have you been sued by Patenaude & Felix, the San Diego debt collection law firm?  If so, then you may be wondering who they are and why they are suing you.  Patenaude & Felix is a law firm with offices in many states throughout the country.  They are hired by entities who need legal means to collect debt, such as private student loan debt and retail credit card debt.  Essentially, Patenaude & Felix is a debt collection law firm.  Some of Patenaude & Felix’s biggest clients are National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, Target, Banana Republic and Sam’s Club.


Why is Patenaude & Felix Contacting Me?

If you have stopped paying on your loan to one of those companies listed above or another entity that they represent, then Patenaude and Felix will be contacting you to collect the debt.  Before Patenaude & Felix sues you, they will most likely send you an initial demand letter telling you that you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. After the 30 days, debt collection efforts will continue which may include phone calls, collection letters, and/or calls to your employer and relatives to try to find you. If these efforts are unsuccessful, they will likely file a lawsuit against you. There is a way to stop Patenaude and Felix harassment efforts. To learn more about defending this type of lawsuit check out our FREE EBOOK on Creditor Lawsuit Defense. 


Can I Stop Patenaude & Felix from Suing Me?

Yes!  But you need to act fast. The most important step you can take to stop Patenaude & Felix from suing you is to take action before they file for a judgement with the Courts which could lead to them attempting to seize your funds in a bank levy, wage garnishment or a property lien in order to satisfy the debt.  You can try to settle the debt yourself if it’s a small amount.  Settling debt means that you negotiate with Patenaude & Felix to pay back your debt at a reduced amount over an extended period of time.  Or you can contact a knowledgeable debt relief attorney to negotiate for you.  Be aware of debt settlement companies, as they are not held to the same standard of the law as debt relief attorneys. 


Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer if Patenaude & Felix Files a Lawsuit Against Me?

If you ignore the debt collection demand letters and calls from Patenaude & Felix, then they will most likely file a lawsuit against you and obtain a Judgement to seize your funds in a bank levy, wage garnishment or property lien in order to pay the debt that you owe.  Patenaude & Felix is a very large law firm that sends out thousands of debt collection notices a week.  They have a vast legal team at their fingertips.  You need to hire an attorney who focuses on debt relief for student loan debt and credit card debt.  If the debt you are being sued over is private student loan debt owned by National Collegiate Student Loan trust, then it is vital that you hire an attorney with extensive experience in dealing with them.  It could wind up saving you thousands of dollars.


If you have been contacted by Patenaude and Felix with a demand letter or a lawsuit, then contact us for a free debt consultation to go over your options. Taking action as soon as possible is best if sued by Patenaude & Felix, you can call us directly at 844-729-4866. 


Jonathan B. Haskett is a debt attorney serving clients in California and focuses exclusively in debt relief. He is licensed to practice in California. Mr. Haskett owns and operates The Debt Settlement Lawyer in San Diego, and helps people with debt problems all over the country, if possible. For more information, please contact Jonathan Haskett at 844-729-4866, or daniel@thedebtsettlementlawyer.com or use our online contact form.