I just read an article on thestreet.com about student loan debt relief companies. The article casts doubt on companies that may be preying on desperate individuals seeking relief on their federal student loans. Here’s a link to the article.

Are The Student Loan Debt Relief Companies A Scam?

The article discusses that these companies are just adding confusion to borrowers and luring them into a hiring the company to perform services the individual could do on their own. It goes on further to say that the US Department of Education is dysfunctional, which drive borrowers to these for-profit debt relief companies. I liken this to tax preparation services. When’s the last time you read the tax code and various provisions for deductions, what is considered taxable income, who qualifies for a child tax credit. I could go on and on. But the point is, that when people get confused, they seek out the assistance of a professional.


Student Loan Debt Relief Attorney

In my student loan debt relief law practice I get calls daily from people that are scared, confused or just simply fed up with trying to deal with their student loans. They would prefer to pay me, as an attorney, to act on their behalf because they don’t feel they can do it alone. What sets me and my practice apart from these companies is that I make full disclosure to my clients, both verbally and in writing, that the services I am offering can be done by the individual themselves, but that they are voluntarily retaining my services to step in and act on their behalf.

As an attorney, I am prohibited from directly contacting potential clients that are having difficulties paying back their student loan. I’m not like the 200+ debt relief companies identified by NerdWallet that contact individuals directly. Rather, potential clients find and contact me to discuss their issues. It’s then my job and ethical obligation as an attorney to provide them with guidance on their options. If they choose to retain me thereafter, I am happy to help them. I’m not a salesman and not every person that contacts me needs my help. This article is troubling because it encourages people to steer clear of debt relief services for student loans. It’s a shame that the article fails to mention that there are legitimate law firms that can help people out in these debt situations. I guess the difference is that I, as an attorney, have ethical obligations to act in the best interest of my clients. Student loan debt relief companies aren’t bound by those same standards. If you are in need of assistance in weaving your way through what may be a stressful situation, I would recommend contacting my firm for a free consultation to learn more about your debt relief options. You are under no obligation to hire me, but you may find in the end that it’s worth it to pay an debt attorney to help you.


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