Find out how my client was able to stop wage garnishment by Citibank! My client moved to San Diego from Florida last year to start her dream job.  Shortly after moving, she received notice that Citibank had sued for an unpaid debt of $15,432.35 back in 2005.  She had no idea she had been sued 11 years ago.  Citibank had somehow found out that my client had move to California and now she needed to fight a wage garnishment by Citibank in San Diego.

Stop Wage Garnishment By Citibank

My client panicked.  She had JUST moved and started a new job.  Her DREAM job.  Can Citibank sue for credit card debt in California when the lawsuit originated in Florida?  It’s called a “Sister State Judgement” and it is the law that allows a creditor to domesticate a foreign (out of state) judgement on a sister state. So they sued her in Florida and obtained the judgment there and transferred it to California for enforcement of the judgment.


With an enforceable judgment in California, a Citibank wage garnishment was initiated. My client was mortified that her new employer received a wage garnishment order.  She did not want to face the embarrassment nor did she want to start off on the wrong foot with her new job.  So she contacted me for a free consultation for credit card wage garnishment and we went over her options.


Fight Wage Garnishment By Citibank

I was able stop wage garnishment from Citibank to lower the credit card debt for my client from $15,432.35 to $8,286.00.  This debt settlement resulted in her having to pay back only a little over half of what was originally due. Even better, they allowed her to make these payments over a short term of 6 months.  This negotiation helped our client avoid the continued embarrassment of her employer garnishing her wages, put this 11-year-old debt to rest, and she was able to start her new life with a fresh start, free of debt.


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