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Short Sale Attorney In San Diego

A short sale is when you sell a house for less money than is owed on the house.  This is often called being “underwater”.  A short sale can be a viable option for those facing foreclosure on their home. With a short sale you can pull some equity out of your home and walk away from your mortgage.

A debt relief attorney can assist you in the complicated short sale process by negotiating with your mortgage lender to approve a short sale.  The lender will agree to a short sale if there is not enough equity in the house to pay off your loan after the sale of the house or if your attorney can prove that you have suffered a hardship.

How Can I Prove I Have Suffered A Hardship?

Some qualifying hardships for a short sale include divorce, bankruptcy, death, serious illness or medical emergency, and loss or transfer of a job or income.

How Can An Attorney Help Me With My Short Sale?

Once a debt relief attorney has convinced your mortgage lender that you should qualify for a short sale, your attorney can assist you throughout the short sale process.  There will be a lot of paperwork that will need to be completed such as tax forms, the seller’s hardship letter, letter of authorization for the agent to speak to the bank, financial and bank statements, and market analysis of comparable home short sales. Call The Debt Settlement Lawyer at 844-729-4866 for a free consultation regarding your home’s short sale.

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Protecting Your Rights For Short Sales!

Our knowledge of and experience with the short sale process and its complexities allows us to act competently in protecting your rights. As a San Diego short sale lawyer you can count on us when you need it most.

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