I often have people contact me to find out how to settle Sallie Mae student loan debt.  If you owe student loans and have fallen behind, don’t give up hope.  I have had great success in providing my clients with Sallie Mae student loan help.  Skip to the bottom to read about how I got 100% of my client’s $44,263.03 Sallie Mae loan completely wiped away!  He literally owes NOTHING on this loan.  My goal is to get my clients out of debt and save them money in the process.  I offer a 100% free debt relief consultation to go over your specific debt issues and map out a plan to get you out of debt and on with your life.


How to Settle Sallie Mae Student Loan Debt

Settling student loan debt with Sallie Mae can be done on your own, but I would not recommend it.  Sallie Mae is an enormous entity that has vast legal resources committed to suing people who default on their student loans.  Oftentimes, Sallie Mae student loan debt is taken over by giant student loan servicer Navient, who also has massive legal departments dedicated to suing consumers who have fallen behind on their student loan payments.  Sallie Mae student loan debt relief is not unlike credit card debt relief, where a debt settlement is often the best way to go if you have already stopped making payments and your loan is now in default.

Currently, for those seeking Sallie Mae student loan help bankruptcy is not an option.  And since the debt is private student loan debt, those seeking Sallie Mae student loan debt relief can’t rely on the advantages that federal student loans offer (such as loan forgiveness programs, forbearances, deferments and hardship exemptions).   If you want to know what happens when you default on a Sallie Mae student loan, it really is not unlike defaulting on credit card debt.  You will most likely find yourself facing a Sallie Mae debt lawsuit.  In this case, I usually recommend negotiating a debt settlement with Sallie Mae

A debt settlement is a negotiation that the loan borrower agrees to pay back a (usually significantly) smaller portion of the total loan amount due to the lender who owns the loan.   Usually a settlement can be reached for the loan to be paid back over a period of time or in a lump sum.  Sallie Mae and other student loan servicers would rather receive some funds from you and settle your account then spend years of time and money coming after you in a Sallie Mae debt lawsuit.

For example, I have a client who had over $60,000 in Sallie Mae student loans.  The loans were taken over by Navient (sidebar: we saved another client $100,000 in a Navient Student Loan Debt Settlement).  The loan payments were very high and when my client could not make the payments, they kept coming after him in collections and then demanded he pay the whole balance in an extremely short period of time.  At this point, the loan got kicked further down the hill to Central Credit Services to collect the debt.  This is when I negotiated a debt settlement and my client ended up only having to pay $22,000.  We saved our client over $38,000 and he was able to move on with his life.


Sallie Mae Debt Settlement

how to settle sallie mae student loan debt
Reach a settlement with Sallie Mae by following these helpful tips from student debt lawyer Daniel Gamez.

To settle Sallie Mae student loan debt your loan needs to already be in default.  Negotiating student loan debt with Sallie Mae can’t happen if you have been keeping up with your payments.  This week I had an amazing win for my client who had been sued by Sallie Mae for non-payment of his student loan.  Our client owed Sallie Mae over $44,000 in private student loans, along with other student loans from two other lenders.  Between the three loans’ high interest rates, my client simply could not make his payments and was sued by Sallie Mae.   After he was sued, I filed an Answer with the court.  However, the Sallie Mae attorney failed to show up for a routine hearing.  The Court rescheduled the hearing and once again, the attorney for Sallie Mae did not show up.  As a result of this, the Court decided to dismiss the entire lawsuit against my client!   That’s right – our client’s Sallie Mae loans in excess of $44,000 are GONE!  He owes NOTHING on it.  Yes, some could say this was luck, but I chalk it up to our diligence and Sallie Mae’s attorney’s lack thereof.


Debt Lawyer For Sallie Mae Student Loan Settlement

If you want to settle private student loan debt with Sallie Mae, then email me at daniel@gamezlawfirm.com or call me at 858-217-5051 and we can schedule a free consultation.  Whoever you contact to help you lower your student loan debt, make sure it is a an experienced debt relief attorney with a proven track record of student loan debt success stories.  I do not recommend going with a debt relief company, which is different than attorneys in a law firm.  Debt relief companies are often caught up in debt relief scams taking advantage of people already in a vulnerable positions.  Attorneys, on the other hand, are held to ethical obligations under the law to put the best interests of their clients first. And as my clients will tell you, the savings I offer my clients far outweigh my fees.  Contact Gamez Law Firm and we can get the ball rolling on getting you out of debt!


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