The American Express Plum Card is a flexible charge card with no spending limit for business owners, but sometimes businesses find themselves in a boatload of credit card debt. It is possible to settle American Express Plum credit card debt and save a sizeable amount of money. I will go into more details, but it is possible to get significant savings with an AmEx Plum Card debt settlement. A debt settlement is a negotiation made between the credit card borrower and the lender than the borrower will pay back (an often greatly) reduced amount of the total debt owed over a period of time or in a lump sum. Lenders like this option over bankruptcy, because they would rather receive some of the debt owed than have the borrower declare bankruptcy and get nothing.


Settle Credit Card Debt on American Express Plum Card

The American Express Plum Card is appealing to business owners with an irregular cash flow given it’s perks, such as no spending limit, 1.5% cash back for paying early, no cap for what you can earn back, and the option for business owners to delay payment for up to 60 days. AMEX advertises that your “purchasing power” adjusts with the use of your card, your payment history and financial history. But if you rely too much on this card, like with any other credit card, you could find yourself dealing with debt collectors for the American Express Plum Card. 

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We recently learned about business owners that received some pretty incredible American Express debt relief after they racked up a sizeable amount of debt on their Plum Card. They took out a credit line with American Express for a Plum card. AMEX essentially permitted them to float credit each month based on revenue generated by the business. They accumulated a balance of $621,887.28 on their AMEX Plum Card. The business relied heavily on Amazon for distribution of their product. Unfortunately, Amazon came to the conclusion that the business owners had violated Amazon policies and shut them off from distributing their products via Amazon. This, in turn, caused the business owners to shut down their business. After a period of non-payment, American Express Legal came after them to collect the debt. Their debt settlement attorney was able to negotiate and settle the American Express Plum credit card debt for $279,849.28, which is approximately 45% of the balance due – a savings of $342,038.


What to Do If Sued By American Express Plum Card?

To settle your American Express Plum Card debt, find a credit card debt attorney with experience in handling debt settlements. Be aware debt settlement “companies” are different than debt relief law firms. A debt settlement company can’t represent you if you are sued, plus they are not held to the same ethical obligations under the law as attorneys. At California-based The Debt Settlement Lawyer we offer a free consultation to go over your particular debt situation and give you options for getting out of debt and on with your life. Please give us a call at 844-729-4866 to set up a free consultation.


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