If you are wondering how to get rid of credit card debt with Chase, you are not alone.  Chase offers a wide range of credit cards with enticing rewards programs and has the second largest market share for credit cards, according to WalletHub. The good news is that if you have gotten in over your head, there are ways to eliminate credit card debt or settle credit card debt with Chase.


How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt with Chase

If you take a look at my client debt relief success stories page, you will see I have been able to get rid of credit card debt with Chase for my clients with great success.  Two years ago Chase sent out 1099s discharging many of my client’s credit card debts by 100%! Those were some happy clients. Lately, Chase hasn’t been actively collecting on defaulted debt. It may be due to litigation they’ve been involved in recently questioning their collection practices.  That is pure speculation. But Chase will eventually start collecting on defaulted debt.

Although 100% elimination of the debt isn’t on the table right now to get rid of Chase credit card debt, we can still negotiate a Chase credit card debt settlement on terms very favorable for our client rather than terms favorable to Chase.   If you have fallen behind on your credit card payments and you want to know how to pay off credit cards for less than you owe, then a Chase credit card debt settlement would be a good option for you.


Get Rid of Chase Credit Card Debt with Legal Help

how to get rid of credit card debt with chase bank


At my debt relief law firm, we offer debt settlement services to get out of credit card debt with Chase legally.  A debt settlement is a negotiation between you (the credit card borrower) and Chase that you will pay back a reduced amount of the debt that you owe, rather than the full amount.   There are many benefits of debt settlement for credit card debt to get out of credit card debt. It can be a win-win for both the borrower and Chase.  The borrower doesn’t have to pay back the full amount and once their credit card debt is settled, their credit score will start to increase (if no other debt issues are affecting the credit score).  For Chase, they can use the loss of your account to offset their profits through creative bookkeeping. Plus, they would rather receive something from you, as opposed to nothing if you declare bankruptcy.

Take a recent debt settlement for my client that was seeking Chase credit card debt relief.  My client had been having trouble making his Chase credit card payments and was over $20,000 in default on the account.  Chase turned over his account to Professional Collection Consultants to collect the debt and they sued my client.   With a judgment against my client, Professional Collection Consultants levied on my client’s bank account.  This is when my client called me for the first time.  I was able to negotiate a debt settlement for just $6,000 of the outstanding amount owed, saving my client over $14,000.  More importantly, my client can sleep at night knowing a bank levy won’t be happening again.

Debt settlement is a smart option when you want to get rid of Chase credit card debt legally.  As a debt relief law firm with an A rating by the Better Business Bureau, we are held to ethical and legal standards that the “debt relief companies” are not, which is why you often see them getting in trouble for scams.  Visit our website to view a variety of credit card debt resources or contact me at 858-217-5051.  I offer a free debt relief consultation to go over your debt relief options.


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