We’ve got to hand it to Experian!  For anyone trying to improve their credit score, Experian is now offering an app that can truly help.  If you need credit help, then you should check this out.  With the new app Experian – Free Credit Report, you can access your free credit report anytime, anywhere. 

Experian Free Credit Report App

  • No credit card is required to download the app
  • From the ease and convenience of your phone, you can always know what is going on with your credit
  • Free customer support 7 days a week
  • Your credit report will be refreshed every 30 days when you sign in
  • You can access the status of your revolving credit amounts and payment history
  • You can check if someone is checking up on you (called a “Hard Inquiry”), for instance a lender or landlord
  • Know when negative information is reported on your credit, such as late payments, loan defaults. Charge-off, delinquencies, collections and public records

This Experian free credit score app is a great start to keeping a healthy credit score. If you plan on applying for any type of financing, you need a decent credit score. Here are some reminders for how to improve your credit score.


How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast

  • Your balances should be kept at 30% of available credit per credit card
  • Spreading out your debt among a few cards can help to keep your balances down
  • Do not close old credit cards out, as the length of your credit history is important
  • Pay down your debt as much as you can
  • Don’t make late payments
  • Don’t make any big purchases that you can’t pay for right away


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