I received a call a few months ago from a very worried young man that wanted to know how to defend a student loan lawsuit from Wells Fargo.  He owed Wells Fargo $16,421 in private student loans.  His loan had gone into default, because he could not pay his student loan.  My client, like so many others, had every intention of repaying his student loan to Wells Fargo, but he had lost his job.

Defend A Student Loan Lawsuit From Wells Fargo

In San Diego County the courts have a mediation program where judges who are not involved in the case can be used to help mediate or settle a case.  That program is unique to San Diego County but other counties probably have other programs. This mediation program can be very beneficial in defending a Wells Fargo student loan lawsuit or another creditor.


We were pending trial and requested a court mediation to see if we could get the matter settled before the trial.  We attended the settlement conference and explained my client’s hardships to a neutral judge. The judge helped convince Wells Fargo to accept $8,500.00, payable in a lump sum, to settle this matter. 


Our client ended up paying just a little over 50% of the balance due. Most importantly, he did not have to go to trial to defend a student loan lawsuit by Wells Fargo.  If his case had gone to trial, he would have risked having a judgment entered against him for the entire balance of $16,421, plus Wells Fargo’s attorney’s fees.  Our client has been unemployed for two and half years and was fortunate to have a 3rd party to pay his settlement funds.


Wells Fargo Student Loan Lawsuit Help

If you find yourself in the position that Wells Fargo is suing over defaulted student loan debt, understand there are options out there.  This San Diego mediation program is a little known approach to reaching an agreement with a large bank.  Don’t give up!  Contact a debt relief attorney for a free consultation to find out what your student loan lawsuit options are.


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