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Debt Settlement is a proven approach to get you out of debt and save you thousands of dollars without declaring bankruptcy.

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Debt settlement is a proven approach to get you out of debt and save you thousands of dollars without declaring bankruptcy. Debt relief attorney Jonathan Haskett successfully reduces and settles credit card debt, medical debt, student loan debt, small business debt, mortgage debt and Payday loan debt. 

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What is Debt Settlement?

debt settlement is a negotiation between the borrower and the lender that the borrower will pay back a reduced amount of their debt, rather than the full amount.   Sometimes “debt settlement” is also referred to as debt arbitration, debt negotiation, debt reduction or credit settlement.  To learn more about Debt Settlement, visit our FAQs page.

Why Choose Debt Settlement As A Debt Relief Option?

  • Debt settlement is a “Win Win” for both you and your creditor.  You will end up paying far less than the original debt you owed and your creditor will be pleased to receive some of your funds (rather than you declaring bankruptcy and receiving nothing).  Your creditor will also avoid the costly and time consuming process of suing you. Additionally, debt settlement gives the credit card companies a way out, since they can now claim your account as a loss.  Through creative bookkeeping they use the loss of your account to offset their profits.
  • When you were high in credit card debt and unable to pay your monthly payments, your credit score was plummeting with no end in sight. While your credit score dipped during the debt settlement, once it’s complete – then your credit score can increase higher than you imagined before you took care of your debt.
  • Your phone will stop ringing from debt collectors once you retain an attorney. Once representation begins, your lender will be contacted with a notice that they are no longer permitted to contact you.  If they violate this notice, they could face monetary penalties for defying state and federal debt collection practices.
  • Your credit card debt crisis will be over  with a debt settlement, and you can move on with your life.
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What Is The Difference Between A Debt Settlement Attorney And A Debt Settlement Company

When deciding on if debt settlement is right for you, it is imperative to use the services of a debt settlement attorney (also called debt relief attorney) rather than a debt settlement company for the following reasons:

  • The Center for Responsible Lending report indicates that some creditors won’t even talk to a debt settlement company. They don’t have that choice when a consumer hires an attorney. A law firm client signs a power of attorney, which not only permits, but requires creditors to discuss the accounts with the attorney.
  • If you are sued by your creditor, a debt settlement company cannot represent you in a court of law.  Your debt settlement attorney will fight to defend you if you are sued.
  • Attorney Jonathan Haskett can also represent you in a bankruptcy if a debt settlement does not meet your needs.  However, your debt relief attorney should try by all means possible to settle your debt before the need to declare bankruptcy.

San Diego, California Debt Settlement Attorney

Debt Attorney Jonathan Haskett and his team have collectively over 25 years of legal experience, including over six years representing the big banks on the creditor side before shifting gears to helping consumers. We have successfully represented a great number of consumers fighting against creditors thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the debt industry. We have the unique negotiating advantage of understanding how lenders operate. We find no greater joy than relieving our clients of their debt and helping them get their life back on track. 


debt settlement attorney san diego california

Client Success Stories

Read our debt relief success stories about people just like you who are now living a life free of debt.

  • A consumer owed Citibank $14,055.00 on three separate accounts. After he stopped paying them, the accounts were eventually sold to Northland Group, Inc. Northland Group agreed to accept $4,216.00 (30% of the amount claimed due) on all three accounts, payable over a short term of 3-12 months.  The consumer saved $9,838.35 on these three accounts.

  • A college graduate had a very old student loan debt owed to Sallie Mae/Navient. After researching her credit reports, we discovered that default occurred over six years ago. Under California law, Navient had four years from the date of default to file suit to collect on the debt for a breach of contract. With this ammunition, her debt settlement lawyer contacted Navient and explained that the client had no intent on paying even one penny towards this debt. Navient is now time-barred from filing suit against her. They can still try to collect informally through phone calls and letters, but she is under no obligation. Every once in a while a client lucks out. 

  • Wells Fargo Bank sued a on a private student loan with a  balance due of  $16,421. The case was pending trial and the court ordered the parties to attend a court mediation to see if the parties could get the matter settled prior to trial. The client attended the settlement conference with his debt settlement lawyer and explained the borrower’s hardships to a neutral judge. The judge helped convince Wells Fargo to accept $8,500.00, payable in a lump sum, to settle this matter. The client paid a little over 50% of the balance due. More important, he avoided having to go to trial where he would have risked having a judgment entered against him for the entire balance due, plus Wells Fargo’s attorney’s fees. Sometimes you need the help of a third party to bring parties together to settle. We are pleased this client got this result.


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