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Having a good credit score is important for a number of reasons. If you are looking to buy a house or car, rent an apartment, or even set up utilities, your credit score will come into play. Whether your credit score was damaged through the course of many years with debt problems or a bankruptcy, there are ways to start repairing your credit score immediately with credit repair services. 

At The Debt Settlement Lawyer, we’re committed to giving our clients a life free of debt and to repairing their credit score.  Contact us for a San Diego debt relief attorney at 844-729-4866 for a free consultation to discuss your credit score problems. We have improved the credit score of numerous clients by helping to remove derogatory or incorrect information from their credit reports.

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Credit Repair Success Story

We settled our client’s Best Buy account for 40% of the balance owed on the account. More important, Best Buy agreed to have the account reported to the credit bureaus as “Paid in full.” This will give our client an immediate increase in his credit score, which is his overall goal in settling his debts.

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Ways to Improve Your Credit Score and Credit Repair

  • Keep Existing Accounts Open: Your credit history makes up 15% of your FICO credit score, so maintain all accounts that are still in good standing. You might believe that closing all accounts looks better for future lenders and will help you resist temptation; however, a terminated account will be removed from your report after 10 years. A longer history is best and you don’t want to lose good history by closing the account.
  • Monitor Your Credit Report: You’ll see a dip in your score after your bankruptcy or credit card settlement, but keep checking it about once a year. The three major credit bureaus allow you to run your report annually for no charge. You’re likely to see your rating increase in the months and years following the closure of your case – if you’re paying existing bills and utilities on time. Plus, you’ll know if any inaccurate information is reported to the credit reporting agencies. You can then contest errors and have them removed from your history.
  • Apply for New Credit Accounts: You will be able to apply for new credit accounts eventually after your bankruptcy or credit card settlement case. Proceed according to these steps.
    • Secured Credit Card: You can build your credit by first obtaining a credit card that’s secured by funds you provide. For example, if you want a $500 secured card, you’ll give the bank that amount to draw from until it’s depleted; then, you add funds as necessary. You may want to consider increasing the secured amount over time. Meanwhile, these transactions are reported to the credit bureaus and start reflecting good credit history.
    • Retail or Gas Card: Once you’ve established a history with your secured credit card, you can try applying for a store or gas card. Again, these transactions will be reported to help you with fixing your credit after bankruptcy or credit card settlement.
    • Unsecured Card: Further down the road, you may be able to apply for a traditional, unsecured credit card. If you’ve been successful with paying off your secured credit card for a year or more, approach the same bank about getting an unsecured card. Your history with that institution will likely lead them to issue an unsecured credit card account, though the limit will likely be lower initially

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