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Dealing with Debt in California During the Covid-19 Pandemic

By | April 3rd, 2020|Debt Relief|

So many in California are wondering how they will deal with mounting debt during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Most people carry some credit card debt on a regular basis, but with the loss of income for so many during the Coronavirus – increasing debt is a real concern. Not having a steady income can [...]

Debt Collection in California During the Coronavirus

By | April 3rd, 2020|Debt Relief|

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended most of our lives and left so many Americans without an ability to make payments on their expenses. We are all feeling financial anxiety brought upon by an uncertain future. I’d like to give you an update on debt collection in California during the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of [...]

Debt Relief Attorney Dan Gamez Opens New Downtown Los Angeles Location

By | March 15th, 2018|Debt Relief|

San Diego debt relief attorney Dan Gamez has expanded the Gamez Law Firm to Los Angeles with a new downtown office.  The Gamez Law Firm offers debt help to consumers that starts with a free consultation. In the free debt relief consultation, Dan will review your debt problems and come up with a plan to [...]

How to Get Payday Loan Debt Help When Consumer Protections for Borrowers are on the Decline

By | January 29th, 2018|Debt Relief|

With consumer protections declining for borrowers, consumers are stuck wondering how to get payday loan debt help.  Most people who take out Payday loans are often in vulnerable situations and need cash fast to help cover living expenses such as groceries, rent, car maintenance, and phone, gas and water bills. Consumers who take out payday [...]

Top Hacks to Avoid Holiday Debt

By | December 10th, 2017|Debt Relief, Money Saving Tips|

If you want to avoid holiday debt, you need to be proactive, exercise self-control and really pay attention to how you spend money.  According to Magnify Money, in 2016 the average consumer took on approximately $1,003 in new debt thanks to holiday spending.  To stay out of debt during the holidays, download my free holiday [...]

Get Debt Help In San Diego and Get On With Your Life

By | September 20th, 2017|Debt Relief|

The Gamez Law Firm offers debt help in San Diego for consumers struggling with all types of debt problems including credit card debt, student loan debt, bank levies, medical debt, and more.   As a trusted “A+” rated law firm by the BBB and rated #1 by the San Diego Union-Tribune readers’ poll, we offer our [...]

Don’t Get Into Debt From Social Media Envy

By | August 20th, 2017|Debt Relief|

As a debt relief attorney, I implore you – don’t get into debt from social media envy.  I see it all the time and understand how hard it is to avoid social media envy, but if you want to stay out of debt – then you’ve got to be careful of being so envious of [...]

Can You Join the Military with Debt?

By | July 3rd, 2017|Debt Relief|

Given that we live in a military town and as a San Diego debt relief attorney, I am often asked if you can join the military with debt.  People also ask me if there is a military credit requirement to join.  The military is more concerned if you owe people money in general.  If you [...]

What Happens to Debt in Divorce in California

By | June 15th, 2017|Debt Relief, Debt Settlement|

Debt is one of the leading factors that leads to divorce.  So it’s no wonder a huge concern for married couples considering breaking up is what happens to debt in divorce in California?    You can watch our video for this blog post below or continue reading below:   What Happens to Debt in Divorce in [...]

9 Ways to Get Out of Debt This Summer

By | June 11th, 2017|Debt Relief|

Summer is finally here! It’s a great time to lower your debt, which is why we are sharing 9 ways to get out of debt this summer.  Apart from our list below, check out our extensive page of  debt relief resources for even more ways to pay off your debt.   9 Ways to Get [...]