Given that we live in a military town and as a San Diego debt relief attorney, I am often asked if you can join the military with debt.  People also ask me if there is a military credit requirement to join.  The military is more concerned if you owe people money in general.  If you are trying to enter the military with lots of debt, then they are concerned you could be tempted to do illegal things to take care of your outstanding debts.  The military wants to know you are a reliable and responsible person. When considering joining the military with debt and wondering if you can you join the military with bad credit, it’s more of an issue of whether you owe people money rather than what your credit score looks like. 

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Can You Join the Military with Debt?

The short answer is that you usually can’t join the military with debt if you can’t meet your financial obligations to pay back your debt.   If you have any of these debt problems, then you will most likely have problems joining the military.


But keep in mind, you can get help with your debt problems and still join the military.  Keep reading to learn more.


How Debt Affects You in the Military

If you are already enlisted, then it’s vital to be aware how debt affects you in the military.  Being in debt affects military clearances, so you could risk advancing in the military. The military will give you a financial review to determine if you are a financially responsible member of society.  If your credit store declines while you are enlisted, if you owe child support or other unpaid debts or suffer from a bankruptcy – these are all factors in how debt can affect military clearance.


Options to Get Out of Debt for Military

can you join the military with debt?

There are viable options to get out of debt for the military.   I recommend giving yourself 6 months to a year to clear up your debt problems before joining the military or applying for increased security clearance.    As a debt relief lawyer, I have helped hundreds of clients get out of debt such as high credit card debt, student loan debt, debt in divorce, PayDay loan debt, foreclosures, wage garnishment, medical debt and small business debt.  If a low credit score is your debt problem, read my blog about tips improving credit score in the new year, download my free Ebook The Ultimate Guide to Your Credit Score & Credit Repair or give me a call.


Legal Debt Relief Help for the Military

I am often asked, “ how can I afford an attorney’s fees if I am in debt?” The bottom line is that I am in the business of saving my clients money and do not charge my clients outrageous fees for legal debt relief help for the military.  As a debt relief attorney I am held to ethical and legal standards that debt relief companies are not. The amount of money I end up saving my clients in their debt troubles far outweighs the overall cost of their debt had they not received my help.  Read on to learn more about my client debt relief success stories and how they are now on the road to living a life free from debt.  I offer a free debt consultation to go over your debt problems, so give me a call at 858-217-5051.  Picking up the phone and taking that first step can sometimes be hard, so you can also submit any debt question to me via my “Ask a Debt Question” page.



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