If you are looking for a federal student loan debt lawyer in California and have questions about student loan forgiveness, make sure you find one who offers a free consultation. Never pay someone upfront for advice on getting help with federal student loan debt.  Beware of those making money off the student loan debt crisis.

An experienced debt lawyer for federal student loan debt with a proven track record will end up saving you a significant amount of money.  For instance, our client had his federal student loans go into default. He was facing a potential wage garnishment if he could not come up with a plan to start repaying this debt. Based on his income, we were able to get him qualified for a federal student loan rehabilitation. Under this plan, he will pay nine monthly payments of $5.00 per month. Upon completion of those payments, his loan will be sold to another lender for further repayment on the balance due. More importantly, the bad marks on his credit will be removed. He will also be eligible for forbearances, deferments, and income-based repayment plans. Not a bad deal for $45 in total payments for the next 9 months.

California Federal Student Loan Debt Lawyer That Offers Free Consultation

california federal student loan debt lawyer free consultation
Contact a federal student loan debt lawyer in California with a free consultation to find your best debt relief option at 844-729-4866 or click here to schedule your consultation online.

During a free consultation with a California federal student loan debt lawyer, you can explain your situation, get advice about options unique to your particular situation, and learn more about student loan forgiveness. A debt lawyer for federal student loan debt can let you know if you qualify for a debt settlement, a rehabilitation plan, forbearances and deferments, an income-based repayment plan or other options.  If Performant Recovery, Navient, Sallie Mae, Aidvantage,  Great Lakes, Phoenix Financial Services, Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) or any other debt collection entity is pressuring you, it’s time to learn about your student loan debt relief options.  Here a few some examples of the people I have helped with federal student loan debt:

  • Our client was overwhelmed with almost $94,000 in federal student loans and private student loans. She could not afford the payments on both. After going through her income and expenses, we determined that she would likely qualify for an income-based repayment plan on her federal student loans. We contacted her lender and were able to reduce her federal student loan payment down to $25.00 per month for the next 12 months. She can re-apply for this repayment plan every year and can now afford her private student loan payments as well.
  • Our client owed $15,019.42 on a federal student loan that eventually made its way back to the Department of Education due to non-payment and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that lasted 5 years. The federal student loan survived the bankruptcy. The Department of Education sent the account to Performant Recovery for collection. We negotiated a debt settlement with them for $8,000.00, payable in one lump sum. Federal student loans can haunt you for life. The Department of Education can garnish your wages and intercept tax returns to repay the debt.
  • Our client received Notice of Administrative wage garnishment from ECMC due to her default in payment on her federal student loans. The total amount due on her loans totaled approximately $16,350.00. Her income is only $15,000.00 per year. We were able to get our client into ECMC’s Loan Rehabilitation Program. Under that program she will pay $5.00 per month for the next 9 months. Once those payments are completed, all negative credit reporting will be removed and her loan will be considered current. Thereafter, she will become eligible for all Federal Student Loan Repayment Options, including deferment, forbearance and income-based repayment plans.


Are You in California and in Need of Help with Federal Student Loan Debt?

If you live in California and need help with federal student loan debt, contact me for a free debt consultation by giving me a call me at 844-729-4866 or email me us at info@thedebtsettlementlawyer.com.   The debt collectors have vast resources at their fingertips to come after student loan borrowers. But this doesn’t mean you simply have to bow down to them if you take action now and get help for your student loan debt.  Take a look at my student loan debt relief success stories and see how people just like you are now living a life free of debt. 


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