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We serve clients nationwide and focusing on all areas of debt help including debt lawsuit defense, credit card debt settlement, student loan debt, second mortgage debt, payday loan debt, medical debt, small business debt, bankruptcy, foreclosures, credit repair, debt collection harassment, bank levies and wage garnishment, short sales and wrongful repossession. Our California debt relief attorneys are committed to fighting creditors and reducing or wiping out the total debt that you owe.  We understand how paralyzing the burden of debt can be. It’s scary, it’s embarrassing and it’s real. Most people don’t realize the debt relief options available to them. When you hire us you’ll get fast, effective debt relief solutions from experienced, knowledgeable, and discreet debt attorney.


Why Choose Us?

  • Unlike many of our debt relief company competitors, we are a law firm. If you are sued, we can represent you.
  • We will meet with you free of charge to go over your debt problems and provide guidance on your specific situation.
  • You will received discreet, confidential legal help from a debt attorney
  • We are a local law firm and treat each client with respect. You will not be passed off to an attorney in another state. We have an investment in our reputation in the community and will deliver the highest level of customer service.  You will speak directly with your attorney about your debt problems.
  • You will have excellent communication with your attorney. We promptly return calls, texts and emails. 
  • We have earned the trust of the community as a member of the Better Business Bureau and the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.
  • We have been on local television radio and print, as well as national news outlets such as CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg news and more.
  • We have been named in the top 5 of the Union-Tribune’s “Best Of” Reader Poll for three years in a row, as well as being named Best of the Bar by the San Diego Business Journal.
  • We proudly give back to the community including to local schools, the arts and Susan G. Komen foundation.



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Client Success Stories

Read our debt relief success stories about people just like you who are now living a life free of debt.

  • Our client owed $4,555 to Citibank through their collection agency Global Credit Collection. Since Global Credit is not permitted to speak with a debt settlement attorney, we requested that the debt be returned to Citibank’s Collection and Recovery Department. We then settled this account directly with Citibank for a one-time lump sum payment of $1,594.11, which is 35% of the balance due. We saved our client just under $3,000.00 on this account.

  • Our client owed National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCT) $35,413.69 on her private student loans. She could not afford the monthly payments on these loans. NCT eventually assigned the accounts to the law firm Bleier & Cox to sue our client for breach of contract. We were retained to negotiate with NCT’s attorneys on this debt. Within a few weeks, we were able to negotiate to cut the debt in half, down to $17,959.00, payable over 84 months. Our client will be paying $213.78 per month, interest free, until the settlement is paid in full. We saved our client $17,454.69 on her private student loans.

  • Our client owed Discover Bank $14,270.00. Discover sued our client (prior to our representation of client) and obtained a default judgment for the entire amount claimed due. Our client retained our firm to hand the post-judgment negotiation of this debt. We explained to the attorney representing Discover that they would have a difficult time collecting on this judgment. Our client owns no property and is on social security as her only income. She could only satisfy a portion of this debt by borrowing funds from a relative. Realizing the near impossibility of ever getting this judgment satisfied in full, Discover agreed to accept a one-time lump sum settlement of $6,000.00 to settle this account. We saved our client in excess of $8,200.00.


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