Summer is finally here! It’s a great time to lower your debt, which is why we are sharing 9 ways to get out of debt this summer.  Apart from our list below, check out our extensive page of  debt relief resources for even more ways to pay off your debt.


9 Ways to Get Out of Debt This Summer

ways to get out of debt this summer quickly

  • Make a Budget – Before you do anything, know how much money you have coming in each month, what your expenses are and how much debt you owe. You can’t do anything unless you take a real, honest look at your finances.  Here is a list of the best budgeting apps for 2017 or you can make a spreadsheet. 
  • Set up a Priority List for Paying Off Debt – To lower your debt during summer, you want to pay the debts off first with the highest interest rates. You don’t want to miss payment on any debt that you owe, but more money should be put toward the debts with the highest interest rates.
  • Use Cash or Debit Cards – The last thing you want to do is incur more debt when you are trying to save money this summer. Although it’s difficult to do with so much credit available to consumers, I have a simple piece of advice: Don’t spend it if you don’t have it. So if you are trying to get out of debt this summer – this is when you really need to apply that advice. Pay for things with cash or debit cards and keep paying off those credit cards.
  • Don’t Waste Money – Do you really need that coffee for $6 or a $12 sandwich? All the little things really add up and FAST.  If you really need to go shopping, look into second hand stores.  Every time you are about to pull out your wallet to buy something new, STOP and think “do I REALLY need this?”  When attacking summer debt, you need to be vigilant.
  • Take Action to Reduce Your DebtThere are many options to reduce your debt, whether it’s medical debt, payday loans, small business debt, credit card debt or student loan debt. Take a look at our debt releif success stories to read about people just like you who are now living a life free of debt.
  • Don’t Get Social Media Jealousy – Come on, we all know we all get a little jealous of our friends’ social media brags. But remember, people only put the good stuff on social media. You see a friend on vacation on Instagram, but do you really know if they dug further into debt paying for it? Avoid getting envious of others and you can avoid debt this summer.
  • Look for Deals – There are so many deals to be had during the summer. Don’t spend money on a trip or a dinner, unless you’re sure you’re getting the best deal. And then take a moment and ask yourself if this purchase can wait until you are out of debt.
  • Side Hustle – Yep, there is that buzzword – “side hustle” creeping up again. But it makes sense, if you really want to pay more money toward paying off our debt, you need to bring in more money.  A side hustle is a great way how to get out of debt this summer.
  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Because it’s FREE and AMAZING!


Become Debt Free This Summer with Debt Relief Services

To get out of debt this summer and beyond, legal assistance can help you make great progress.  People think “debt relief attorney” and often think legal debt relief services are too expensive.  It’s the opposite.  At my debt relief law firm, all we do is find solutions to debt problems. We are in the business of saving our clients’ money.  Whether it’s through a debt settlement for high credit card debt or a loan rehabilitation for student loan debt, we can find a way to help you get out of debt this summer.  Give me a call for a free debt consultation at 858-217-5051 and we will go over your debt relief options.


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