Credit cards can make easier to negotiate life’s financial twists and turns. They give you the flexibility to make purchases without cash on hand and buy big-ticket items on a more manageable payment basis.

As the saying goes, though, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Using credit to cover these nine items can put you in a financial hole that could take months or even years to climb out of.

Things You Should Never Buy With A Credit Card

1. Groceries

Groceries are a household necessity and part of a carefully designed budget plan. Purchasing groceries with a credit card can lead down a slippery slope that encourages you to buy more than you need, which will eventually disrupt the balance of your budget.


2. Automobiles

This may have never even occurred to you, but there are limited cases where auto dealers will allow a purchase on a credit card. Even if your line of credit would accommodate it, the purchase would likely max it out, putting your credit rating in jeopardy.


3. Mortgage Payments

You’re already paying interest on your mortgage. Why would you want to tack additional interest charges on top of that?


4. Sale Items

Sale items are often purchased on impulse, so you can end up buying things you don’t really need and paying interest to boot. If it really is a great bargain, pay cash.


5. Down Payments

A loan of any kind is already a sizable financial commitment, so adding to your credit card balance is not going to help. It may take some sacrifice, but hold off until you have the available cash for the down payment.


6. Virtual Currency

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are largely unregulated, which already makes them a serious risk. Buying these currencies with a credit card could leave you empty-handed.


7. Medical Bills

It may seem that extensive medical bills would fit the criteria for a useful credit card purchase. However, you’re better off talking to your healthcare provider about an individual payment plan with a much lower interest rate than you would incur with a credit card.


8. Vacations

When you’re on vacation, you’re detached from reality to some extent, so it’s easy to get carried away with spending. Yes, you’ll have fun, but then you’ll return home with nothing but memories and some whopping credit card bills to show for it.


9. Credit Cards

Transferring high-interest balances to a card with a lower interest rate. Using a cash advance on one card to pay off another card is not.


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