Credit Card Debt can invoke fear, stress and nightmares. At my San Diego debt relief law firm, we find debt solutions to your debt problems.  Read on to learn about 9 real credit card debt horror stories with happy endings. 


Credit Card Debt Horror Stories

  1. Our client contacted us in a panic, because he owed Citibank in excess of $14,000. After retaining us, we sent several letters to various departments of Citi’s collection departments.  Citibank agreed to take the balance down to $0.00. That’s a 100% savings! This was the final credit card account our client needed taken care of and now he is heading into retirement debt free!


  1. We negotiated a debt settlement for our client’s Best Buy account for 40% of the balance owed on the account. The best part is that Best Buy agreed to have the account reported to the credit bureaus as “Paid in full.” This gave our client an immediate increase in his credit score, which was his overall goal in settling his debts.


  1. Our client was terrified that she owed Bank of America $11,134.27. After I explained her significant hardships, Bank of America offered to settle the matter for $3,000.00. That means our client paid only approximately 27% of the amount owed and ended up saving a little over $8,000.00 on this credit card account.


  1. Capital One sued our client for $22,152 on a delinquent credit card account. We were able to settle the credit card account for a one-time lump sum payment of $11,076. Our client saved 50% of the total amount due. Most important, we were able to avoid fighting this out in court and we helped our client avoid potential wage garnishment and bank levies.


  1. Our client called us because the law firm of Nelson & Kennard sued her for $30,096.72 that she owed to American Express. We were successful in negotiating a debt settlement on this account for $15,500.00, payable in two payments.  We were able to avoid filing an Answer and fighting this out in court. We were able to save our client $14,596.72 on this credit card account.


  1. Our client owed Chase Bank $17,143. Our client retained my law firm and during the course of our representation, Chase discharged the entire debt. Our client saved 100% of the total debt owed.


  1. Our client was sued by Discover Card for $7,300. We negotiated a debt settlement for $3,500, payable over a 12-month term. We saved our client $3,800 – or 52% of the total debt owed.


  1. One client owed Target $1,594. We negotiated a debt settlement for $478. We saved our client $1,116 – or 70% of the total debt owed.


  1. Our client owed more than $39,000 to USAA. We successfully negotiated a debt settlement of $4.000.00. We were able to reduce approximately 90% of the amount owed.


Credit card debt can feel like a horror story.  You need to know there is a way out of crippling debt. Contact me for a free debt consultation to go over your debt relief options. Visit our debt debt relief success stories for more credit card debt relief success stories.


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